A Gospel of Life

A Gospel of Life!

Over the years I have noticed a trend in Pop Christianity of the celebration of death as if death were the end game.  I fell for it as a teen full of hormones and a broken heart I would take to the pen and scribble out depressing sad poetry celebrating that one day I will be dead in Heaven away from all the miseries of the world, or at least the girl that just broke my heart. 

Now do not get me wrong I am not against the idea of Heaven and I fully understand that when a person dies a physical death those in Christ are present with the Lord.  But we have become so infatuated with Heaven as an escape that we have missed the great news of Jesus. 

So what is that great news?  Death is defeated!  No I am not talking about death is defeated because we get to go to heaven.  Honestly that is still a physical death.  I am saying that Jesus took on death and swallowed up like a black hole and then exploded in life, like the birth of a new star.  On Easter Sunday death was defeated. 

In Isaiah 25:8 we read “He will swallow up death forever; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces and the reproach of his people he will take away from all the earth, for the Lord has spoken.”  On the cross we witness death being swallowed up and in the resurrection we witness life exploding like a bomb in a world of death. 

Our promise is not a home in the clouds forever, but rather a New Heaven and New Earth.  Our promise is not to be spirit people floating around, but rather to be physically resurrected. 

Over the years of ministry I have dealt with death more times than I wanted.  I have found that the most powerful message is not that of Heaven but the Christian message of resurrection.  So why does all this matter?  Because we live in a world surrounded by death.  Death has become popular because our world is fearful that it cannot out run it or defeat it, so why not romanticize it.  As Christians we have a message that strikes terror in death, a message that frees humanity from the grips of fear.  We have a message of Life!  We have a message of resurrection!  1 Cor 15:24-26, 1 Cor 15:12-19, Rev 21:1

So go live your life in peace, celebrate life, smile and worry not.  For in Christ we are given the promise of Life!