The Gospel and Unity

The Gospel of Jesus is more than rules or answers.  The Gospel is a way of life!  Often times the Gospel is used to separate based on theological differences yet, when the Gospel is lived out it is the very tool that helps us reconcile. 

Jesus taught that if you know a person has an offense against you, stop whatever you are doing and go make it right.  Now we can argue over the details of this scripture and therefore create a wall of separation or, we can simply live this good news and see reconciliation. 

As followers of Jesus we must stop treating the Gospel as a pop quiz to be mastered and start seeing it as a way of life to be lived.

The entire Gospel is the story of how God has reached into human history to reconcile humanity to himself.  We are then given the challenge through the Gospel to be reconciled to God and to imitate God through the Holy Spirit by reaching out in an attempt to reconcile with others. 

Who do you need to reconcile with?  Who are you avoiding?  What does the Gospel tell us to do about this separation?