Give Me A Little Old Time Religion

Give me a little old time religion.

In our society “new” is cool and old is well, boring.  If you bought a car three years ago, it is now old.  If you bought a computer or technology in three months ago, it could be outdated tomorrow.  If you haven’t changed your Facebook post or up dated your Twitter feed in a day well, then you have some dusty posts.  Everyone is running to the new, we want new doctrine, new ways to worship, new sermons, new worship, new, new and more new.  I can fully relate to this, I too love new things.

But, I do not believe the Church needs more new stuff.  Honestly what the Church is lacking these days is the old stuff.  You know the stuff that made church well, church.   While we have ran to the new I fear we may have left behind some very important items.  Let me share a few of these items I believe the modern, Western Church has left behind.

Holiness:  Holiness can be defined as an overwhelming love for God and neighbor that drives our lives to be in tuned with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Holiness says, I love the Father so, much that I will gladly give up whatever keeps me from Him.  Holiness says I love my neighbor so much that, I refuse to put my needs above theirs. 

Evangelism:  This is a concept we as the Church have left behind.  I can tell by how upset many are concerning the Supreme Court’s ruling on Gay marriage.  When the Church has placed it’s hope in government to change the culture into the Kingdom of God it simply means we have missed it. 

Jesus gave us two tools to create and change culture; those tools are evangelism and discipleship.  If you want to change culture then you must do it one person at a time.  Bring a person to Christ and then take the time to mentor them in the ways of Christ.  I promise this far more effective than hoping in a government. 

Last of all truth:  Truth is a concept that has fallen out of fashion years ago within philosophical circles and now seems to fallen out of fashion with in theology.  I know truth can be divisive but only if we are a jerk about it.  Scripture teaches that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.  We are also told that Scripture is true.  As Christians we might want to rediscover the meaning of truth.

Like I said, I love the new but we have a culture and heritage that we are leaving behind.  Maybe while we are running towards the new, we stop and recollect the old and bring it along with us.  There is nothing wrong with using the new to present the never changing, beautiful message of the Gospel.  Who knows may the Good Old Religion can become new to you.